Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Quickie - short story about a quick pleasure

Now folks, this is one of those stories you have to read through to understand. Don't let a closed mind or a rush to judgement stop you from reading this story. Who knows? You might find that a quickie isn't all you think it is....

A Quickie
By jay Wilson

Oh when the urge hits me I just have to go and do it or it will eat at me all day. It’s been that way ever since I had my first time. And everyone knows, as a young lady … well – good girls don’t do it. But still, I love a good quickie. Now as you know, you can’t tell people about this secret desire or they will look down on you. I just can’t help it.

My first was back in high school. I was with a boy who showed me the ways of the world. We snuck out to the parking lot and got into the back seat. After a little kissing and touching, he told me he was really going to teach me how the big girls did it. Yes, that was my first time and I liked it.

A quickie wasn’t necessarily the best way to have an encounter of pleasure but it sure as hell beat doing without any at all. But then, I had many quickies that was better than some of the boys I did it with for long periods. It was kind of fun sometimes to see who could finish first. The boys usually won but I wouldn’t just quit. I continued on by myself and finished. The boy would just sit back and watch. He seemed to like watching me enjoy myself.

Now I’m not a prude. I also did it with girls and I even found them to be more satisfying than the boys. It was like the girls knew my needs more than the guys. The guys enjoyed it more for themselves where we girls enjoyed it together. Still, ether way, I loved a good quickie.

When I married, my husband used to come by the house from his selling job at lunch. That allowed us to have a quickie. When nights rolled around we took more time for our enjoyment. But sometimes we would sneak out in the back yard at night where no one could see us and … yep, we would have a quickie. We would laugh as we went back into the house like two little kids who had just stolen some candy from the store. But this candy would leave me breathless.

I do know what I am doing is wrong. It’s not lady-like but I just don’t care. When I need a smoke, I get it……. Even if it is a quickie.

See what I mean? A rush to judgement can form an opinion that might not be fair to the writer. Oh and before you attack me for `encouraging' people to experience this type of a quickie, please note that I have never ONCE had a quickie or other of this particular vice; not once!! And I'm proud of that!!


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  1. I may have been along on some of these trips but if I'm asked by a policeman.....I was never there!!