Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Outlaws or Heros????

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You know it has always bothered me when kids and even adults look upon questionable people as some sort of heroes. We see it a lot in history and we see it today. Rock artists in the drug culture are put upon pedestal's as if they were someone to be admired. Over-paid sports figures become idols and many of them is nothing you would want your children to grow up to be like. The `behind the scenes' look at many of the movie stars we see on TV and the movies are people living life styles that can not be admired if you believe in decency.

We need to be careful who we let our children `look-up to'. There are many, many everyday heroes all around us living good lives. It can be the mailman, the young man sacking your groceries, or even the lady who lives down the street. There are many who are great examples of decent folks around.

And we can be just as wrong of the heroes we chose too. Many times it is hard to see through the images of what they want you to see. We have to look close. It is sad that the world has become a place that we can't trust what we see. While we don't need to be paranoid, we do have to be careful.

I wrote a poem back in 1983 that explains a little more of what I am trying to say... Heed the words!!!!

Outlaws of Yesteryear
by Jay Wilson ©1983

We make heroes out of outlaws
That’s thrill a young child’s heart
Heroes out of common criminals
Those bank robbers and the sort

If you have read of Jesse James
You’ll hear of great deeds he has done
But if you dig deeper into history
You’ll find that many died by his gun

Do you think Jesse is a hero
Him and his brother Frank
Tell me what is so heroic
About killing or robbing a bank

Round Rock celebrates yearly
Their citizens turn out in mass
To watch and reenact the events
Of the infamous outlaw Sam bass

A local idol is this bad man
Who tried to rob their town
And all he received is a bullet
He was put beneath the ground

I’ll never understand how such men
Can be idolized by the young
These men who plunder & kill
Men who if caught would be hung

Parents think about the stories
That your small children hear
Teach them instead of being heroes
They’re just outlaws of yesteryear


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