Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Blue Marine

One of the saddest things I ever had to do, was to escort a fallen warrior home to be buried by his family. While there is great pride and honor in standing for this person, there is a great saddness in doing this duty. The hardest thing is standing before the family and watching their pain. One would want to step forward and somehow take away their loss of their lover one. In thinking on this, I wrote this poem. The `Blue Marine' is not me ... however I have given a hug to many mothers, family, and friends of the fallen... I still do today...

The Blue Marine
By jay wilson ©2007

The young man stood tall in his uniform of blue
His face taut; his body erect with a job to do
He had to take a brother to where he was from
Proud to be of service but hated what was to come

The sentinel stood in silence as the people passed by
Some smiled, some nodded and some began to cry.
A tear found its way down the seasoned Marine’s cheek,
as the mourning mother approached on legs so weak

She looked very frail and needed help to walk the aisle
She paused at the young Guard and managed a smile
Then she turned toward the casket and viewed her son
And placed her hand on his ribbons of which he had won

Instead of filing on by to join the others for the ride
She turned back to the Marine and trembling sighed,
“He was proud to join the Corps and to join in the fight.”
Then she stood before the sentinel, his throat became tight.

She reached, touching another tear in its downward race
She looked into his eyes and saw the pain in his face.
She quivered as she asked if she could have a son’s kiss.
The request was granted with love … as if in an abyss.

For no one else seemed to be present nor did they care
As they embraced as mother and son, each gave a silent prayer
She held him as she wished to hold her deceased child
From beneath her red swollen eyes arose a faint smile.

They each knew that this was a last gesture from her son.
At graveside, the Marine stood erect `till it was done
As people left, they made their way back to each other
One last hug … for she lost her boy and he lost a brother.

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